5 Easy To Install & Cheap Wallpaper For Your Home

shiplap wallpaper

5 Stylish Shiplap Wallpapers For Your Home

The 5 best shiplap wallpapers you need in your decor

Shiplap Wallpaper: An easy and the most affordable solution for you!

Recently I have written a blog post about shiplap and some of the reader’s comments made me think to write about easy solutions for you. Hence, I came up with the shiplap wallpaper ideas!

There are several kinds of shiplap wallpapers for any room that are available to buy. I have picked quite a few for you with a lot of different variety, considering farmhouse, cottage style, rustic, or modern look.

Let’s check them out so you can pick one for your next project! The good part is that you can order them online.

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1-Blue Distressed Wood Shiplap Wallpaper

Wood accent walls are expensive, but thanks to this gorgeous distressed style shiplap wallpaper, there is a very affordable option to buy and it can totally change the look of your room. You can install it within a few hours without creating any mess.

It will make your bedroom feel special and it’s totally on a budget!!!

2-Peel And Stick Shiplap Backsplash For Your Kitchen

This Novogratz genuine peel and stick kitchen backsplash is totally a game-changer. If you are planning to upgrade your kitchen on a dime, this shiplap will definitely transform your kitchen and will give an illusion of a real shiplap backsplash. However, it’s not limited to the kitchen and you can use it in the bathroom or for any focal point in the house.

I also liked these cage lights seen in the picture above. We had them in our old home and they were beautiful! We made them using a DIY tutorial.

3-Reclaimed Weathered Shiplap Wallpaper

Use this for any accent wall in the house and get tons of compliments. Weathered is very much in style for 2020. This is totally a penny-less solution for you.

You are going to get absolutely stunning results in a short amount of time, and the application is hassle-free. NO home improvement skills are needed for this!!! Anyone can do it!

I love the whole cottage-style look of the room above, don’t you? The best part is that you can even use it for your RV’s Kitchen or bedroom to enhance the look of it. They are more like rustic gray in color.

4-Barn Wood Plank Wallpaper For Your Office

Torquise is one of the most used colors in home decorating. This peel and stick shiplap wallpaper will add a spark to your home office and will make it feel cozy and welcoming.

These boards are stunning, realistic, and worth the money and your time. Above all, the price is awesome! They are peel and stick and the textured wood is beautiful. They can easily create a nice farmhouse feel in any room. You could also use them behind the bed to create a rustic background.

5-Vintage Wood Textured Paneling Wall Mural

Joanna Gaines, from Magnolia Market, would be totally proud of this wall mural as this one looks very close to the original shiplap styles! In the early 1900s, people were using this style out of necessity. This mural comes in almost 20 different styles and easy to apply. It is removable so if you don’t like it, you can move it to any other wall.

I think that it would make a decent living room accent wall.

No one would ever know if these are not real reclaimed wood shiplap panels as these planks look very realistic!

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