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Hey lovely fellows, today I am going to share with you how I made these beautiful tall designer planters on a small budget. I wanted to have tall planters in front of my front door but unfortunately, they were very expensive. Even on sale, they were at least $100/planter but, as you all know by now I am a little thrifty with things, I do want to save money wherever I possibly could. I also like to think outside the box.

After shopping around online and stores in town. finally, I decide to go to Home Depot. There I spent 15 minutes looking at different planters. Then I figured out a way to make my own “beautiful tall designer planters” for really, really inexpensive.

So shall we see how I did my first DIY project in our new home? Honestly, it’s very, very easy. All you gonna need

*One small planter. Here
*One large planter. Here
* Flowers of your choice. (I used mums)
+ Total cost for two larger planters for me including mums. $80

I used this $11.99 from Home Depot in warm- copper color to use for my planter ‘s base.

For the larger planter, I purchased the somewhat same design and the same color for $14.99 from Home Depot

planter base
Very first things I did, I Placed the small pot upside down where I wanted to set my planter. In this case, right in front of my entry door on the side.

planter together
I Then placed the larger pot over the smaller upside down pot. You don’t need any glue or screw to attach them, they were pretty steady for me.

For flowers, these are the mums I purchased from Costco for $12.99. I just placed them as it is inside the large planter. They were not that tall, so I placed one of my glass bowls in the base of the larger planter.

palnter graphic
There you go! A beautiful super easy and inexpensive project to have within a few minutes.


DIY designer planters

Let me know what you guys think? Share with me about your outside the box DIYs’!


  1. That is a cool idea! I really like the pink mums and how they look with your house as backdrop! I have been eyeing all the pretty mums that are out now and can’t decide what color to get. Do you overwinter yours indoors?

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