Tall DIY Designer Planters For Cheap

diy designer planter

Super Easy DIY Designer Planters

Today I am going to share with you how I made these beautiful and tall DIY designer planters on a small budget. I wanted to have a tall planters in front of my front door. However, they, unfortunately, were very expensive. Even on sale, they were at least $100/planter.

On the other hand, as you all know by now, I am a little thrifty with things. I want to save money whenever I can, and I also like to think outside the box. So, here is how I handled that dilemma of my life at the time.

Shop Around First

Before you begin with any project, you should shop around first just to make sure you can find something less expensive than the budget you have for your do it yourself (DIY) project. You always want to weigh your project to see if it is worth spending your time and money on. Moreover, it gives you an idea to compare. I do that quite often, and mostly I end up going with my do it yourself (DIY) projects, however at least it’s worth trying.

Certainly, I did the same thing for this project. After shopping around online and stores in town, I finally decided to go to Home Depot. There I spent 15 minutes looking at different planters. Therefore, I figured out a way to make my own “beautiful tall do it yourself designer planters” for really, really an inexpensive price.

So, shall we see how I did my first DIY project in our new home? Honestly, it’s very, very easy. Here’s the supply list:

Supplies For Your DIY Planters

*One small planter. Here
*One large planter. Here
* Flowers of your choice. (I used mums)

+ Total cost for two larger planters for me including mums: $80

do it yourself
I used this $11.99 from Home Depot in warm- copper color to use for my planter ‘s base.

diy planters
For the larger planter, I purchased the somewhat same design and the same color for $14.99 from Home Depot

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Step By Step Tutorial For DIY Tall Planters

Step One

Very first Thing I did was placing the small pot upside down where I wanted to set my planter. In this case, right in front of my entry door on the side. See? Pretty darn easy! But on the other hand pretty clever though.

planter base
Here is the upside down picture of the pot.

Step two

Okay guys, let me show you the most difficult part….did I say that? Oops, I meant to say the easiest step is the second step where you just place your larger planter on the top of the first (upside down) planter.

planter together
You don’t need any glue or screws to attach them, they were pretty steady for me.

Step Three

Are you still with me so far? Hang in there as I am going to make your do it yourself life pretty easy. Oh, wait for a second, this is already the easiest project someone could handle, so if you can’t handle that then I don’t know what to tell you. Well, certainly I know that you have a good sense of humor and yes humor is very important in life.

In addition to the planters, I also purchased these pretty mums from Costco. All I did was place them in the larger planter. But unfortunately, they were smaller. No..I didn’t start crying or freak out. rather, I figured out the way to deal with this. I placed some of my containers underneath of them in the larger planter. And don’t tell my mother where those containers are as she has said to me more than 100 times that she can’t find them. Yes, I am a little sneaky!

By the way, containers were really helpful and provided me with the desired height.

Mums from Costco for $12.99.

I am pretty proud of my self, and I love the way they turned out. I think they look really cute!

do it yourself planters

There you go! A beautiful super easy and inexpensive do it yourself project for beautiful designer planters that can be completed within a few minutes.

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diy designer planters

Let me know what you guys think? Share with me about your outside the box DIYs’!

45 thoughts on “Tall DIY Designer Planters For Cheap”

  1. Beautiful! I have wanted to do planters as well, thanks for the tip of where to find an affordable option! I also like the red accent lights you added. Great touch!

  2. That is a cool idea! I really like the pink mums and how they look with your house as backdrop! I have been eyeing all the pretty mums that are out now and can’t decide what color to get. Do you overwinter yours indoors?

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  4. My wife needed a place for an angel statute that had meant a lot to her when her long deceased husband was ill.
    So I considered building a base out of concrete and tile, but happened to run across a large planter on sale at Lowes for $19.99. Indeed it even had a cross on it. And a cross turned upside down is still a cross.
    Luckily the bottom of the planter and the base of the angel were very close in dimension. So I turned it upside down and added some “Tough as Nails” to the bottom of the statute. Works perfectly and has been in our entry for a few years now. I guess planters can be used in multiple ways!

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