The Best Life Saver Home Organizing Principles For Quick Results

Powerful Organizing Principles To Get Your Space Back

These most powerful, but extremely easy to implement organizing principles, are going to change your home life forever. Have you ever found yourself lost in your messy home and felt totally helpless? If that’s the case then you are not alone. I have been there so many times that I remember crying after looking at my bedroom, living room, or even my kitchen counters.

Since 2018, I have been teaching home organizing. Not only I have been teaching, but I am also learning from your questions and comments. Thank you for being an awesome learner!

Getting the Professional Organizing Certification is the best thing I have ever done in my life.

  • It made me help you in a very specific way to fast track your progress and make decisions.
  • I learned the nontraditional and scientific way of organizing using the principles of home organizing.
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Let’s dive in and learn where to start, when you have no clue about organizing, to get your sanity back!

Calamity & Condition: Crucial Home Organizing Principles

First, you need to learn what calamity and condition mean and why are they crucial principles of home organizing.

What Is A Calamity & Condition, By The Way?

In the case of organization, a calamity is the worst sort of misery, failure, and disastrous result you end up with when any place in your home gets out of control.

The condition is the current state of organization in that specific area.

Let’s give you an example;

Imagine that your last 6 months’ bills are all piled up and buried somewhere in your home office. Now you don’t know where anything is, right? Many of us are old school people, just like me, who need to see a bill to pay it off.

Due to that, a calamitous result could be that you miss your car insurance payment or have your water shut off. It happened to me when I wasn’t that organized, and I can say that disorganization quickly can produce a calamity.

Being able to judge the importance and relevance of organizational tasks is one of the significant principles of organization.

Think of this:

What will happen if the most important area doesn’t get organized?

It will help you to decide what should be done first, second, third and so on…

I would say start the area in your home with the worst condition and the worst possible calamity.

And here is the thing:

​You are the only one to know where to start first as you live in your home and understand your needs and priorities. I can only provide you tools and lots of values, but you are the one that has to put the hard work into it.

For me:

Last year, my pantry, kitchen, and entryway closet were on the top of the list.

That pantry alone has been saving me tons of precious time before grocery shopping.

How To Put To Work The Calamity And Condition Home Organizing Principles

You will use the calamity printable (sign up below) to decide which area you need to go with first. Ask yourself these three questions:

  • Think of how important the space/room is and if it’s in the worst condition
  • Does it affect your everyday life if it doesn’t get organized first?
  • Does it have to be organized first, or can it wait?

Once you get your answer in “Yeses”, then fill in the calamity form and if your answer is “P”, then that’s the room you are going to work on regardless of what place is it in your room.

For me, it was my entryway closet with kids’ school bags.

I guarantee you that using these organizing principles. You will not have any difficulty in selecting a place to organize.


When you organize your home in a traditional method, you just organize it in a freestyle way while the scientific, or non-traditional organizing method, is where you understand the science and organizing principles to implement in your organizing projects.

So, don’t procrastinate! Just download the form and start it.

You can List 5 areas in your Calamity form and get it done one by one! Good luck!

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    1. Thank you, Michelle, I had no idea about it either prior to my certification in Professional organizing. The rules and principles really help in the best manners when it comes to saving time and money both.

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