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Here we go again! Our weekend is over, and I am talking about it. Friday feels way far from Monday, and Monday is so close to Friday. It’s totally not fair with people who work full time…We need to protest about this, but God might not like the idea of protesting, so all we can do is just deal with it. Let’s share with you how our weekend went through…

Family Fun Saturday

We planned to take my mother to our local “Farmer’s Market’ but my husband had no clue that farmer’s market was done for the season.

Well, since we were out and about it, we decided to go to a park and then to downtown Portland so the kids could enjoy the weather, as the winter, and the rainy season is gonna start soon.

Adventurous kids! That little buddy looks like he’s scared

We took the kids to a really cool little park where everything is made of wood materials, and they spent almost an hour and a half. It was great fun for them, and the fall colors were beautiful.


Then we headed downtown to one of many “food cart blocks” that Portland is known for. There are always many varieties of food to choose from, and the people watching is always “interesting”.

zoha climbing.jpg

The food was really good, and the greatest part is that it was “halal”, so it was permissible for Muslims to eat.

food cart
Look at those tired kids
halal food
See the ” Halal Food sign” and my silly Zoha

After that, we walked over to Pioneer Square and got some delicious lattes from Starbucks, did a bit of shopping, and then went home very late and feeling exhausted.

We expected to just do the quick Farmer’s Market deal but instead ended up with a full day of fun. My husband works in downtown Portland, so he experiences all of the “Keep Portland Weird” stuff all the time. I, on the other hand, work outside of downtown so it’s always fun for me, my mother, and the kids to see the inner city.  

grandma and kids
Here everyone is tired at the end

Organizing Sunday

Sunday, I was organizing all day long.

Below is the picture of my little boy’s closet and how it was before. I will post on Friday the after step-by-step pictures as I am still working on this mess. Our house is so cluttery right now, everywhere is clothes lying around and boxes took over on half the house. It feels like it’s going to take forever to move in.

closetfull shot
See how messy and unorganized it looks

little buddy

Here is the little buddy who’s closet I was organizing all day long on Sunday!

Great Sale

Kohl’s is running a great sale on shoes go get them before they get sold out!

Here is what my kiddos got!



What kind of food do you guys like, street food or dine in? How was your weekend, I am nosy (not really, just love you guys) and would like to hear the detail!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time with your family! Don’t worry about the clutter.. part and parcel of moving.. enjoy your new place dear.. Home sweet home..?

  2. It looks like everyone had a fun weekend! The kids look like they had a great time playing. 🙂 Good luck with your closet! I still have to get mine organized and cleaned out. That’s a big job! haha

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