What Are You Thankful For?

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Hey, friends! How is everyone in blogland? I know due to the holiday we are not that much active in blogland. I was not active due to that little sick little girl who is feeling much better now. Thank you for all your prayers!

First Thanksgiving Without Family:
For us, this Thanksgiving is not that exciting, as we moved this year and our family (my in-laws) live in Wisconsin. We are still settling down and not able to go back to visit. We used to go to my mother-in-law’s or sister in law’s house for Thanksgiving.

This feels so weird that we are just going to stay home and going to prep our own food. Maybe it’s not a big deal for a lot of people, but for us, it’s sad.

My husband’s family was one of the big reasons I never thought of leaving Wisconsin as I was thinking that at least his family is close to us. God only knows the best though. We had no idea about moving to Portland, and out of the blue, I got this job. We wrapped up everything and moved.
what areyou thankful forI am Thankful For:

God, family, health, and tons of new friends.

If we would have never moved, I would have never started this blog as I was on call every week and my schedule was always messed up. In fact, this is the first Thanksgiving that I am not on call, it feels so wonderful to stay at home with my family. Although I was helping people save their lives I was missing out on a lot of things always being on call on the holidays. This is the phenomena of people who work in health care regardless of your title.happy thanksgiving to my bloggy familyI hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving with your families! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in Pakistan, so this is the cultural holiday I have adopted ever since I moved to the USA and I love it.

Drop me a line about your Thanksgiving. I would love to hear what are you up to!


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! My family is just staying at home as well, and to be honest we love it! It’ll just be six of us, which is nice & cozy ?

  2. Happy (early-ish) Thanksgiving. It’s so unfortunate that you can’t have Thanksgiving with your family. For now, we can be your family ?
    I love Thanksgiving. Our family is relatively nearby. We always invite them over for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We moved 4 years ago and lived in an RV in winter while our house was being built. We (my parents) were thinking about moving West Virginia but stayed local because we would be too far too see our friends and family, so we moved a mile up the street.
    I am very thankful for that, my life, my family, music, books, friends (including blog-friends), the roof over my head, guitar lessons, my chickens, and I am VERY grateful to live in the USA. And much more.

    1. Awe, That is so wonderful Comment Christine. Yes, indeed there is tons to be Thankful. It’s nice to stay closer to your family. My mother lives with me and it’s a great blessing to have her with me. Although my brother miss her so much and she visits every two years. So glad to connect with friends like you!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving! ?
    I’m so glad that your precious little one is doing better and that you get to spend this holiday at least at home with your little ones. I understand the strange feeling about the difference, but don’t let it smash your spirit ? I hope we will be able to see some pictures later! ?
    There’s no Thanksgiving in Portugal too but as I keep meeting more people from US I start wanting to celebrate it too ? Here’s 3 things I’m grateful for: my blogging friends, the fact I haven’t given up on life yet, and the new start I decided to give myself ?

    1. Thank you so much. Yes, it’s a great tradition to start. I really enjoy this day and wait for the Turkey as I hate any other turkey but the thanksgiving… May be I am a weirdo. You should not be giving up. You have such a pretty heart and great soul. So blessed to have met friends like you. Blogging is hard but worth it. So many good people you surround with via bogging.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Think of this Thanksgiving as a time to start new traditions and new beginnings. I am thankful for my husband, and my loving fur-babies, and all the wonderful friends who are family. I am also thankful for our good health and a beautiful house we call home.

  5. I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! We are going to my aunt’s again this year, but not a lot of family will be able to make it. It would be wonderful if us bloggers could have a nice Thanksgiving together! ?

  6. In South Africa, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. However, as part of being positive, I always find ways to turn challenges into opportunities and I do believe that in itself, is something to be thankful for. I am thankful for my husband and my child, who I call family. I am thankful for the mistakes that I have made in my life, for the people who walked out of my life and for the things I wanted and didn’t get – they were all meant to be. I had to have experienced bad to appreciate the good and when you’ve been down that road…you become more grateful.
    I can imagine how much you miss the family, especially during Thanksgiving and I do believe in the power of the Universe and that greater things are destined and that’s why you are there right now.
    I am sure they miss you and your family too.
    Happy Thanksgiving,

    1. I love the whole beautiful message. Indeed we learned through our mistakes. Yes, you are right, there is a reason that I am here and God only the best but I would have never met any of you if I still would have been living in Wisconsin so there is that..Sorry was not allowed to sit on my computer during the holiday and kids made this rule with there dad…hahaha

  7. Beautifully written Bushra!
    I have lived in joint family since childhood, consisting of 15 members, and i know how amazing this experience has been all through my life. I can never live without my family, they are all my support, my backbone and they love me always and i love them more.❤
    I feel extremely blessed to have such a big treat in the form of my family.

    1. Thank yu so much Sauliha, I am right there with you! That shows a lot about you! People hate that system in Pakistan and always talk against there in lawa and joint family system but I totally love it and I love my in-laws as well. I always pray for their lives.

      1. People actually now prefer to be in a small family, maybe because they can’t handle the work load of a joint family or maybe they feel that their privacy would be shattered, but these people are fools as they don’t know how much fun it is to be in a joint family. Well, people here in Kashmir also prefer to stay in small families.
        Anyways, thank you for your reply.

          1. That sounds lovely. I joined WordPress just a few days back, so I’ll write something in a few days. Actually I am a bit confused about what to write. I had written a small article about missing my school but then i removed that, maybe because of less confidence. But insha allah I’ll certainly write something in a few days. Thankyou

          2. Missing your school is not a bad topic. Be Confident and if you need any support let me know . We are here to support each other. Are you on FB. If yes. Join my group to meet very lovely other bloggers and they are very supportive. I am only on wordpress for last three months and I have gain so many friends.

    1. Hey lovely friend, how are you. My novemeber was one of busy month with first me being sick and then the little girl got pnueomonia. Hopefull as today I am returned back to regular blogging. It will stay the same. How have you been?

      1. Hey Bushra, I’m doing really well thanks girl. I’m back in England so it’s been a little busy the last few days! Oh no, I really hope you’re recovering and so is the little one, this sudden change in weather has everyone feeling poorly. I’ve noticed how cold it has gotten here in England too. Wishing you a very speedy recovery. Hoping you’ll be up in no time IA . Lots of love ??

  8. Hello Bushra.
    Hi everyone.
    Hope everyone is doing well.
    I have published my first blog “Be positive”. Please go through it and do tell me where i need to improve myself. That would be really kind.
    Have a nice day.

  9. I am thankful for my amazing family , my husband who had helped me become the strong woman. My kids . My friends I have few but the best ones and surely for this blogging family . We don’t celebrate thanksgiving but really love this idea

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