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Reconsider & Love Your Home Again

In this post, you are going to get wonderful tips about improving your life at home. We all know that sometimes we get very overwhelmed in our own homes. Especially after living for so long, it gets boring for us. with these tips, you can stay in your cozy home instead of moving out of it.

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Improve Don’t Move Out Of Your Home

When you first moved into your home, it probably felt like your dream house. You had the right amount of bedrooms, bathrooms and enough space for the whole family. It was just fine to live comfortably without feeling like living on top of one another. However, as with everything, life inevitably changes, and families expand and grow. You might have had more children, or had an elderly relative move in with you.

You may well feel as though your family has outgrown your home. Maybe you have enough bedrooms for the number of kids currently have. But you think any more would be a bit of a squeeze? You may feel like your home looks old, and it is no longer making you happy. Well, circumstances; perhaps family commitments, work commutes, or schools stop you from being able to move. Maybe it is time for a change, just not one as drastic as moving away. If you think your home needs a bit of a face-lift.  Maybe you would like (or need!) a little bit more space. Then give some of these ideas a go. To be honest, these ideas would definitively improve your home and life 

Your home
That’s our beautiful home!


If you were to move, you would bring all your belongings in, and you would look at the blank canvas to start. It would be hard to decide the furniture placement and so on. When you have lived somewhere for a while, belongings accumulate. You know they accumulate in a way that is not necessarily the best aesthetically, or even the most efficient.

Here is what you need to do in order to reorganize your home: Measure up your rooms, including doors and windows when open and closed. You should also measure up your significant pieces of furniture. Write out your plan on paper about how they should look before giving them a reshuffle. Sometimes this simple trick can bring a new life to a property.

If you want to go a little further, could you look at reorganizing the layout of the house? Some walls (check with a contractor first!) can be knocked through or moved to create extra space. You can also put in additional walls to make one large room into two smaller ones. Yes, it could be expensive but still cheaper than the hassle and worry to go through all over again. Leaving your lovely home behind is not easy friends. As you all know we have moved out of our house last year. Believe me, friends, it still hurts.

Check Out An Organized Closet

Some of my recommended storage solutions for you.



As I mentioned in the point above, after living somewhere for a while, we all tend to accumulate belongings and fill the space. At the moment, there is an absolutely colossal focus on decluttering your home, thanks to the popularity of Japanese tidying up expert Marie Kondo. She advises people to let go of any items that are not of use or provide any joy to their lives – wise words indeed!

By having a good sort out, you will be able to find any long lost or forgotten treasures and get rid of anything you no longer need or use. If it is in good condition, try selling it. eBay and local Facebook groups are a great way of doing this. The benefit of this is that you can also earn a few dollars to put towards an extension or redecoration project. If the item is not sale-able, consider hiring a large bin from to get rid of all the clutter and junk in one simple go.  Here in the States, we have several of the junk removal companies. I mentioned some of them here. 

how to organize your home
decluttered home always looks great, in a very busy life less should be always more

Storage Solutions  For Your Home

Once you have reorganized the space and decluttered, it is time to look at storage solutions. A lack of decent storage can sometimes be the biggest issue. Storage units and boxes are great, and allow you to move items about. More permanent solutions might be adding the shelving wherever needed. If you have oddly shaped rooms, shelving also could add some charm to the room.  

Redecorate Your Home 

If things are starting to look a bit drab, it could be time for a spruce up. A newly painted ceiling, fresh walls, and even new flooring can work wonders. Any tired woodwork or surfaces should be replaced, including skirting boards, kitchen counter-tops, and even door and window frames and handles. Take time to coordinate soft furnishings with wall colors. Tidy away any clutter, and let the brightness and openness of a newly painted, more minimalist house help you to appreciate your home again.

Expand IF Possible

If your family has grown since you purchased your current home, or you are planning on it growing at some point in the near future, it could be worth considering an extension on your home to add bedroom space or living space. Think about the difference a whole extra bedroom and a larger kitchen could make to the general day to day running and comfort of your home. Get a free estimate form a contractor to see how much an extension could cost you. You will find it is a whole lot cheaper than purchasing a new house. It can even add significant value to your home, should you want to move out in the future.

Obviously, it depends on if you are able to get the appropriate planning permission from the city and that you have space for it. If not, could you consider a free-standing room in your back yard? These are not just glorified sheds but have an electricity supply, insulation and even plumbing. It could make it a perfect home office, guest room, or craft room. They are super popular in Portland. 

Covert Unused Spaces Into Some Good Use

You can guarantee there is a space in your home which is not currently being used at all, or not being used in any way effectively. This is most likely an attic, but could also be cabinets under the stairs, a garage or a shed. These are just wasted space. An attic could be an extra bedroom, an office, or a home gym.  Cabinets under the stairs could be a second bathroom if it’s large enough. Converting a poorly used space is a great way to add a feature to your home. It’s pretty much a bonus for you.  It does not necessarily have to be undertaken by a professional, you can do a lot of it on your own.

Disclosure; This is a sponsored post but all the tips are based on my personal experience.


Your home

So, don’t give up on your lovely family home just yet. All it might need is a lease on life and a bit of extra add on space. Here you go, you’ve got yourself a forever home!

16 thoughts on “Your Home Is The best Place On Earth”

  1. It is interesting how our need change as our families grow. I remember the first house my husband and I bought together. It seemed huge to us but with the family we now have, we would have trouble fitting into that house today. Less stuff, for me, means more happiness because I don’t feel that low-grade level of stress from having mess behind closed doors ?

  2. Such a great article! I feel like you were speaking directly to me. I’ve so badly wanted to move lately because my house is driving me crazy! It’s not going to happen anytime soon so I’m going to take your advice. There’s plenty I can do to update! ?

  3. I usually make a ton of changes, upgrades and then move. Just sort of the way my life has worked. I think I have one more move to do as I approach empty nesting …

  4. This is something I’m really looking forward to! 7 months ago we packed up our apartment and put all our stuff in a storage room, rented the apartment out. So now coming back is going to be almost like moving into a new home 🙂 Excited to get rid of some of the stuff while unpacking as well 🙂 I’m definitely going to come back to this article for some more tips and inspiration! Thank you, Bushra!

  5. Glorious Heights

    A wonderful post.. it’s so true sometimes we want change but not as big as moving into a new house because of you know the hassle and also beautiful memories attached to a place. These are some great tips! You posts alway encourages me to fix my home.

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